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Important Stuff

In Frog Hollow, your frog is part of a family and a community. We do not allow bullying, swearing, bad words or bad behavior. You should behave just like your parents want you to behave at home. We watch and read what frogs say to each other, so remember to be nice and friendly.

We have a code of honor for members of myfrog.

Code of Honor

Be Nice

  • We do not allow any bullying (or bully-frogging), swearing or mean behavior.
  • If something like that happens, or if anything upsets you, you can blow the whistle on the mean frog by clicking on the whistle in the corner of the page.
  • If someone reports you, your account might be stopped for a time out, or might be cancelled.
  • Privacy

  • Never use your real name, only your frog name. Make sure you and your parents read the section in parents on protecting yourself on line. How to protect yourself
  • Security
    We read and check conversations and look for naughty frogs, and we care if someone hurts your frog’s feelings. If you experience any bad behavior, you can:
    1. tell your parents
    2. tell the whistle blower, by clicking on the whistle in the corner.
    3. Or you can do both.