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Features & Membership

The advantages for members

myfrog™ is not only a fun place to explore, it is also a safe place for members to wander Frog Hollow and meet other frogs. We use word filters to ensure no inappropriate language is used, and as well we have balloons reminding members not to give out their real name or tell where they live. We do not use advertising to fund the making of myfrog. This is one of the reasons we ask for paid membership. One of the other reasons is that a paid membership is advantageous is that all members can be verified through their registration information.

What makes this site different from other games for this age group?

Kids determine and control the storytelling in Frog Hollow. If a kid selects a plasma screen TV for their tree house, then they must provide power to run it. If they choose to only buy clothes for their frog, and not buy food, then the frog's health will be reduced on their health meter, until the member feeds their frog. While all registrants can interact with other frogs, paid members will be able to do the following:

  1. Play games to earn ‘hollars’ , the currency of Frog Hollow.
  2. Decorate your home and dress your frog.
  3. Chat with other frogs
  4. Play games and make up events with frogs
  5. Learn about what the frogs do to help the environment.
  6. Learn about ways to power Frog Hollow with solar power, electricity, and firefly power.
  7. Earn and collect badges when you complete a set of challenges or tasks.
  8. Meet characters who live in Frog Hollow, and help the other frogs learn about the environment.
  9. Learn about upcoming areas such as the western town and the scary marshland.
  10. Write your own stories and challenges for the frogs.
To find out more about kids safety click here (external site)