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Welcome Parents

What is myfrog™?

myfrog™ is a secure, safe site where kids create a frog character that will preserve and protect their world, Frog Hollow. Frogs socialize with other frogs and learn more about what they can do in their city to make positive changes in consumption and preservation. Registration is done through parents and there are monitors to assure a safe environment. Kids can chat with each other, and can collect badges on environmental stewardship (such as water conservation and recycling).

myfrog™ is not only a fun place to explore, it is also a safe place for members to wander Frog Hollow and meet other frogs. We use word filters to ensure no inappropriate language is used, and as well we have balloons reminding members not to give out their real name or tell where they live. We do not sell advertising to fund myfrog.

This is one of the reasons we ask for paid membership. One of the other reasons a paid membership is advantageous is that all members can be verified through their registration information.