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myfrog™ Security

Guidelines for a safe time online for you and your kids:

  1. Always know your children’s passwords. This is for your children’s safety, and encourages trust between you and your child.

  2. Learn to be computer savvy, so that you can interact with your child while they are online. You might consider registering a frog of your own, so you can navigate the site, and see what other members are doing.

  3. When choosing a name for your child’s frog, encourage them to use something that is not too similar to their own name. Have them read and repeat the rules for Internet safety, suggested by safekids.com

  4. Parents who allow their child to use the safe chat will have full access to the chat history.

  5. Activity of members will be monitored to screen out inappropriate frogs!
myfrog_troubleprotection_screenmyfrog contains many safeguards, but just in case a user can immediately report trouble if experienced.